Cinquième Sens Northern Europe is the representative in the Benelux and Northern Europe of the famous Perfumery School Cinquième Sens. Cinquième Sens trains every years hundreds of professionals in the industry, and we continue the tradition. We proudly serve as the ambassadors of the French perfumery knowledge.

We are a team of experts from complementary disciplines, connected with an international network so we can provide you with the best professional services.

We are committed to inspiring all perfume-lovers and guiding you in your exploration of the fascinating world of fragrances.

We partner with professionals in projects and support the competence development of individuals and teams.

We deliver a personalized approach to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

The French expertise and the artistry of maîtres-parfumeurs will be part of every step of your journey.

1976: Cinquième Sens is founded by Monique Schlienger, professor of olfaction in ISIPCA the famous International Higher Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics and Flavours, based on the pedagogy of the perfumer Jean Carles.

2004: Isabelle Ferrand takes over Cinquième Sens, reorganizes the company and projects it in the new millennium.

2008: Cinquième Sens goes International driven by an increasing demand of its clients around the world.

2017: Cinquième Sens Northern Europe opens its doors, based in Amsterdam.

The company name “Cinquième Sens” means “fifth sense”
in French and it refers to our sense of smell.

Cinquième Sens Northern Europe is born from the encounter between Isabelle Ferrand and Anna Sabidussi and their shared vision about the future of perfumery .


Anna Sabidussi’s profile integrates multiple international paths in the world of education, business and fragrances. These three complementary ways of interconnecting and creating value for people, industry and society are at the core of Anna’s journey.

Anna has a multi-year, international experience  as director of innovation & entrepreneurship center and strategy expert at renowned business school & universities. She has advised various creative sectors by bringing an intimate understanding of business excellence and strategy.

In education, as award winning professor, she brings a dynamic, state-of-the-art, thorough approach to transfer knowledge and enhance creativity. She is specialized in developing learning tools and designing with organizations tailor-made programs translating technical expertise into business success.

As independent creator of bespoke fragrances, Anna followed her passion and her nose: first to London to perfect her knolwedge  of raw materials and then to Paris where she completed her full advanced professional program in perfumery.

As a result of her encounter with Isabelle Ferrand, she created Cinquième Sens Northern Europe to offer a dedicated space for professional training.


Isabelle Ferrand, daughter of a farmer, passionate about the world of smell, joins the company Cinquième Sens in 1985 just after a Biochemistry Diploma to assist its founder, Monique Schlienger.

She discovers all facets of the profession of «Parfumeur». Cinquième Sens allows Isabelle to also reveal herself in training; thus she discovers the pleasure to convey her passion. In 1987 she created the Olfactorium®  with the company Carrafont , an unusual name but nevertheless suggestive : a miniature version of the perfumer’s organ.

It was in August 2004 that Isabelle Ferrand took responsibility for managing the company after a course at the «School for Managers». Her objectives: sustain and enrich Cinquième Sens with new activities always related to smell, while respecting the values dear to Fifth Sense: a passion of perfume, an open mind, a traditional know-how and artistic sensibility.

Under the leadership of Isabelle, Cinquième Sens, initially dedicated to creation and training, is now an indispensable professional agency with a distinct expertise in fragrances. Because the world of odors is also present in many fields of application, Isabelle regularly detects new horizons to provide her expertise: spirits, wines, champagnes, whisky, chocolate, coffee ...

Cinquième Sens Northern Europe is part of Cinquième Sens large network of partners. Services and expertise are intimately international.

Australia (Melbourne)
Italia (Parma)
USA (New York)
Colombia (Bogota)
Brazil (Sao Paolo)
China (Beijing)
India (Ahmedabad)

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