Your New Career in the Fragrance Industry

Cinquième Sens Northern Europe is created by professionals for professionals offering to individuals and organizations a comprehensive range of education and in-depth training programs about the technique and the market of perfumery.

We are your partner from the first steps in understanding the language of olfaction to the creation of fragrances.

Our programs are designed to address the needs of professionals at all levels of expertise, from beginners to experts, individuals who are passionate about perfumery and organizations operating in all the perfumery fields and adjacent application areas.

Cinquième Sens in Paris trains every year more than 500 professionals offering education programs to industry specialists (retailers, brands, suppliers) and to individuals.

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The workshops introduce the general public to the world of perfumery. Enjoyable and educational, the workshops offer a first-hand experience and an opportunity to develop the olfaction skills of all participants.


The olfactory training offers interesting opportunities for novices to acquire the basics of perfumery or for professionals to enhance their olfactory capacities. Because the world of odours is also present in many fields of application, the training is particularly suitable for professionals operating in various sectors (spirits, wines, champagnes, whiskey, chocolate, coffee etc...)


The International Master Classes (IMC) are composed by multiple Modules offering a comprehensive theme-specific education cycle. Participants can choose to enrol in each Module as stand-alone option or in all the Modules composing the Master Class. We offer a complete range of topics, from perfume culture to perfume creation techniques that is suitable for participants at all levels, from beginners to advanced level.

Participants who enroll at one time and follow the complete series of defined Master Classes receive an International Master Class (IMC) Certificate. The participants enrolling at one time to a complete Master Class are eligible for a fee reduction. Organizations enrolling at one time several employees are eligible for a team discount.

Please see the FAQ and Practical Information section for more information.


Our programs’ calendar offers the possibility of consecutive module combinations making it possible to attend a complete Master Class in few successive days.

We understand that professional agendas are fast evolving and planning multiples dates in a year may be difficult. Make the most of your visit to Amsterdam: once a year we offer a special schedule for our modules to allow completing a Master Class in a few consecutive days. You can concentrate on your development path in the most efficient way and optimize your learning process.

Education Methods

Our portfolio of didactic resources and material provides professional
means to develop your skills and competences:

The WORKBOOK contains the course material, the exercises and the case illustrations for the training.

The OLFACTORIUM® is a unique portable perfumer’s organ. It has been described by the press as a “magic organ”, an exciting and educational game, a "DoItYourself" tool and a real portable lab. The tool has been personalized for over 20 years to support the development of your competences and skills.

SELF-STUDY:Train at home using the Olfathèque: a unique smart connected Database, developed by Cinquième Sens in Paris.

What services and products does Cinquième Sens Northern Europe (5SNE) offer?

On our website, you will find details of each educational service offered, including contents, delivery mode, price, schedules, enrollment/setup term, admission rules, minimum number of attendants, as well as any other relevant information.

Are there specific requirements or qualifications to meet in order to enrol?

Cinquième Sens Northern Europe is committed to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Each application is carefully considered to ensure that each participant and, when applicable, her/his organization, benefits from the program.

Most of our programs are open enrolment. For some modules and master classes, specific admission criteria apply. In order to ensure a productive learning process, propaedeutic modules have to be followed prior to enrolment. When specific pre-requisites and/or propaedeutic training is required, the conditions are indicated in the individual module outline.

In order to dedicate to each participant full attention, we limit the number of places in our programs. Closing dates for enrolment apply: The registration closes 4 weeks prior to the start date of the Module or of the Master Class’  first Module. Please, make sure to reserve a place on time.

What are the guidelines for the applications’ selection?

First priority is given to the applicants enrolling in the full IMC (per order of registration). Second priority is given to the applicants enrolling in one MC (per order of registration). Next, priority is given to the participants to a single module(per order of registration).

Why to enroll in an International Master Class?

The International Master Classes offer a comprehensive theme-specific education cycle to accelerate your professional development, impact your career or expand your perfume culture.

Participants enrolling at one time to a complete International Master Class are eligible for fee reduction. Organizations enrolling at one time multiple participants are elibile for team discount.

I see in the program outline that each INTERNATIONAL MASTER CLASS includes multiples Modules: Can I enroll in a single Module?

Each International Master Class is composed by multiple Modules. Each Module is related to a specific topic, offering to participants a comprehensive knowledge about a subject, suitable for participants at all levels, from beginners to specialists.

You can enroll in a single Module. The International Master Class (IMC) Certificates are, however, delivered only upon enrolment, in one time, in all the indicated Modules.

Is there a minimum advance enrollment term to participate in educational services?

Unless otherwise indicated for each service, the minimum enrollment term is of 4 weeks before the beginning of the relevant program.

Is there a minimum term to setup a cultural service?

Cultural services may differ to a great extent, depending on the location, number of attendants, scope of services, etc. Please contact 5SNE with at least 1 month in advance to check the availability of services requested.

Can I enroll tentatively?

A tentative registration is non-binding for the prospect participant but it does not guarantee a place in the program. The available places for each training session are limited. A place is maintained for those registering tentatively as long as the number of formal enrolments have not reached the maximum capacity.

How can I place orders for services?

Orders can only be placed online, using the order forms available on this website (or, for cultural services, or educational services such as on-demand programs, custom-made programs, in-company programs, please contact us at the email address: ).

Which payment methods are accepted?

For the time being, 5SNE only accepts payment via wire transfer to 5SNE’s bank account. Please check this page from time to time to verify whether any additional payment method is accepted.

When is payment due?

Once registered and accepted in a program, you will receive an invoice which we ask you to pay within 15 days.

What is the language of instruction?

The language of instruction is English for all the programs delivered by Cinquième Sens Northern Europe in Amsterdam. French is the language of instruction for the programs currently delivered by Cinquième Sens in France. On demand, sessions can be delivered in a different language: Please contact us directly.

What is the location where education programs are delivered?

Unless otherwise specified, the courses delivered by Cinquième Sens Northern Europe take place in Amsterdam. Future training locations include Brussels and Stockholm. The courses currently delivered by Cinquième Sens take place in Paris or in Grasse. For on-demand and/or in-company training, sessions may be arranged in different locations.

Are certificates and attestations degrees or do they lead to an academic qualification?

No. IMC Certificates are appreciated in the profession but they are not a diploma and they do not lead to an academic qualification or degree.

What is the dress code at 5SNE?

The dress code is business casual. We recommend you not to wear perfumes or scented products during the training as this could interfere with the program delivery.

Other questions?

Please consult our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiry.

Please find below the ingredients of the perfumes used during the education services and training sessions. Please do not hesitate to contact us: We remain fully available for any further inquiry or question.